Friday, June 11, 2004

Brand you!!

Todays dynamic and ruthless market conditions force us to be permanently marketable. We're are just one more product out there. Well not really, we're all special and unique, but what is your uniqueness? what qualities make you different and stand out from the crowd?

Tom Peter's Brand You book is always a book a return to. You gotta re-invent yourself!! Transform yourself from an "employee" into a brand.

"Cubicle Slaves...Hack off your ties...flip off your heels.."

"Y-O-U can make a difference! Bash your cubicle Walls! the white-collar revoluiton is on! distinct or be extinct"

Great stuff,now, I've just come across this other resource of know-how re:self-marketing thanks to Robin Good's recent post

Here are six simple steps you can take to standout and prosper in the new world of work:
1. Think like a free agent.
2. Discover what sets you apart and market it shamelessly.
3. Get visible.
4. Stop networking, and build a network.
5. Add value - and then some.
6. Accelerate your brand power by getting in sync with a major trend in your field and moving to the head of it. " I would add:
7. Marry an important, ethical cause as a complement to what you like to do
8. Share before looking for profit
9. Help others become as successful as you
10. Question yourself and your approach systematically - get forever curious

here's the link to the original source


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