Monday, June 21, 2004

Collaboration: The Future Is Contextual, Process-Centric, and Community-Driven

I found this article from META Group report, Mike Gotta, 29 April 2204, thanks to the Telework Times, a great source of knowledge for tele-workers, "exploring news and ideas on the business, technical, political, and social aspects of telework, remote collaboration, distributed development, and the virtual workplace of the 21st century".

The article META Group , stresses the need to focus on process alignment when introducing new collaboration systems into companies. "Effective collaboration strategies will enable workers and teams to be more productive within processes, with success measured via improvement in process outcomes and more sustained levels of innovation resulting from community insight."

Tools alone won't entice a group of coworkers to work more efficiently, as proven by a multitude of failed knowledge management projects. Mike Gotta counts off the hurdles to overcome, like "persuading people to work differently, establishing incentives and performance measures that foster greater information sharing and cooperation," but then moves right on to discuss benefits: "Community-building efforts are valuable to create synergies across processes and functional groups."

[via The Telework Times]


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