Friday, June 11, 2004

eMail may not die, but hey, its role will never be the same

good news to all eMail addicts out there, pretty soon your life will not be hanging off your eMail Inbox.

There are plenty of tools out there that will make email a small part of your day2day life. We have instant messaging (IM), collaborative workspaces to work on projects and help you "swarm" teams together, social networking technologies to find people with similar interests to yours, and the RSS feeds will bring the blogs and other news right to your deskptop, for you to read at your convenience. Isn't that fab?!

"Ironically, attempts to shut down information exchange have the opposite effect. A Microsoft speaker told the conference that IM traffic is now outpacing e-mail inside the Redmond firewall. And there are fundamental incentives for preserving information transparency.

...And finally, the elephant in the room: RSS. While INBOX wrestles with the intractable problems of blurred international boundaries, too-complex authentication solutions and too-expensive computational and payment schemes, more and more of us are routing around e-mail for all but the most basic services.

IM for supply-chain communications, social networks for collaboration spaces, and RSS as the glue that ties these data points together.

This real-time services fabric is that deadliest of competitors to e-mail: It shifts attention slowly and surely away from a producer-consumer economy to a publisher-subscriber ecology."

Read on Dan Gillmor's article "As E-Mail Hassles Pile Up, RSS Is the Elephant in the Room" on eWeek


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