Friday, June 11, 2004

Empowering individuals

Just came across the slide above in one of Tom Peters presentations. Well, my thoughts are the following, how about if we flip the tortilla? I agree that empowering individuals may make the world "unstable and dangerous", but it also throws in a lot of good opportunities. Governing form the centre doesn't mean we have a safer life. In fact, central systems are always more susceptible to attacks. As our organizations begin to decentralize, power is shifting towards the edges, for the good and the bad...lets make the most of it. Lets embrace edge technologies such as blogs and P2P to make a difference.

For anyone that's interested in decentralization and to understand how the nature of our work is changing, I strongly recommend watching "The Present and Future of Work" webcast. The book written by Tom Malone is also a great read.

"As managers, we need to shift our thinking from command and control to coordinate and cultivate, and Groove provides a communication infrastructure to support this."

- Thomas Malone,
Groove v3.0 press release


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