Thursday, June 24, 2004

Google employees Google-bomb their own bosses!

Try this out now: Go to Google, type in “out of touch management", and click “I’m Feeling Lucky." Surprise, surprise...already signs of friction inside the company in preparation to the highly expected IPO?

The Technology Review Blog reports

[A buried article in The New York Times lastr week] cited “a person close to the company“ as the source for its assertion that Googlers themselves engineered the prank.

Google bombing is the practice of creating so many links to a particular Web site that it fools Google’s popularity-based search algorithms, forcing that site to come up first in Google’s search results for the words in that link. Earlier examples have included “miserable failure,“ which linked to George W. Bush’s White House biography...

Ironically, as Technology Review reported.... Google itself predicted in its initial filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission that the IPO could “adversely impact relations“ inside the company. In that case, the company was referring to inequities in the distribution of stock and stock options among Google employees. Could relations be souring even before Google’s stock price rockets to the heavens?



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