Thursday, June 24, 2004

IDC: Training up but lags behind projected pickups in other areas of IT

Sandra Gittlen comments re: recent IDC report titled "Worldwide and U.S. IT Education Services" on her last NW newsletter on IT Education and Training.

"A proportion of technology infrastructure has reached the end
of its useful life, which will lead to upgrades."

This is great news for IT managers arguing for a boost in
training budgets. What you can draw from this statement is that
now is the time to invest in education so that planning for new
technologies is efficient.

...will need growth in skills development, including network
security, mobile computing, storage management, customer relationship management, Web services and business intelligence.

.... e-learning will continue its upward climb; however, IDC says to look for more blended models of learning.

Not surprisingly, security is projected to be a top area for



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