Friday, June 11, 2004

Information Overload

Great piece of writing from Robin Good.

"Information overload is reaching, as long forecasted, new heights. It is becoming increasingly difficult to manage it all, or even to decide what to discard and what not. In the end, lots of relevant information is lost or it never reaches its ideal destinations.

The connection between information creators and information users is to be perfected.

As the network starts rapidly organize itself, different levels of automatic filtering will gradually make it easier for people to access the "right" information, and for information to be rapidly found by whoever seeks it.

This is what I see:

Yes, search engines are going to be playing an important role in this, and I personally anticipate the gradual, probably slow, but definite demise of the Google-approach to information search. Meta, and visual search engines will play a much bigger role in our future information searches. People working in
information architecture, information design, and data visualization and interface design have a fascinating future ahead of them as we need them to create the new metaphors, visual analogies and intuitive access routes that will greatly improve our abilities to rapidly access relevant information.

There is already a flurry of new search tools around but you can be sure that the trend has only started. We are finally going to have some effective, powerful and innovative alternatives. "

Here's the link

I'm an astut follower of technologies that help us filter and digest information to our own needs. At an infrastructure level you can look at advanced information retrieval tools that facilitate conceptual search such as Autonomy, and if your interested in clustering and information visualisation, check out Grokker, and Vivisimo.


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