Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Collaboration First, Then Knowledge Management: Practical Advice

Matthew Clapp, independent consultant, writes some rather interesting comments on evaluating collaboration tools. I believe, as much as the author does, that remote teams can actually be as or even much more productive than groups that meet daily face-to-face. The author also enumerates the key players within the area of collaborations tools ( Lotus Workplace, Documentum eRoom, Interwoven Worksite (formerly iManage), Vignette Business Workspaces (formerly Intraspect), OpenText LiveLink, Oracle's Collaboration Suite or desktop-based peer-to-peer applications, like Groove. What I appreciate more about this article is the proposed simple yet effective best practices on how corporations should confront the deployment of a collaboration tool.

- Pilot a collaboration tool with a few groups that are motivated and eager to try something new — ideally in a way that may help solve some larger problems for the corporation.
- In exchange for supporting their teams, pilot participants will offer to provide you with both positive and negative feedback about the process and the technology.
- Take this feedback and incorporate into your business case and subsequent requirements documentation if you go for an enterprise solution.
- Measure your success both in terms of the effectiveness by which people complete projects, as well as their ability to share and leverage knowledge.


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