Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Ed Brill on enterprise comms

Interesting comments on email,IM and workspaces from Ed Brill, IBM/Notes, in response to Ross Mayfield's, CEO of SocialText, article "The State of Email".

Notes on IM:
in some organizations, IM can be treated like a "post-it note" and you just jump right into your question, while in others you need to do the chat equivalent of knocking on the door/cubicle before starting the real conversation.

Notes on workspaces
"Occupational Spam, email sent out of context characterized by CCs, is 30% of corporate email. You know this problem and are a part of it. You want to keep people informed and you want to be informed" Now, cc:-the-world isn't really the right way to solve the problem -- teamrooms and the like are.

Ross argues
"The problem is email wasn't designed and its best use is for one-to-one communication. Enter Workspaces, which in our latest case study dropped group email from 100 messages per day to practically zero."

and Ed disagrees
We've had "Workspaces" in Lotus Notes for, oh, 15 years or so, and I still get 100 messages a day. Now, some of those are pushed links to teamrooms and the like (because heaven-forbid I have the time to proactively surf all my Workspaces and find out what's new...I don't)... I consider this a perfectly appropriate use of individual e-mail.

I see some of the shifts to "contextual collaboration" may change that.


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