Friday, July 09, 2004

Groove 3.0 is out next week

The time has come chaps. The dramatically improved next generation of Groove Workspace 2.5 is out next week. It will be renamed to Groove Virtual Office 3.0 and most of the work has been put into a much more intuitive and easier-to-use UI, and improved performance (3 to 5 times faster) and security.

"This is the deepest security you're going to find in a commercially available product--period," analyst Peter O'Kelly says. Reference

Of course the list of new features goes on and on, Groove File Sharing, new Forms,alerts etc... As described in the article, it's a distinct product that lives apart from competitors (i.e. MS Sharepoint, IBM Workplace, Documentum eRoom, Macromdeia Breezer, etc). Groove's uniqueness relies on offline capabilities, user-immune "always-on" super strong security, cross-enterprise collaboration with real-time capabilities built into it. Recipe for success!

Virtual Office is available immediately, according to Groove Networks. The File Sharing Edition for costs $69, the Professional Edition is $179 and Project Edition is priced at $229.

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Information Week: [Link]

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