Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Ray Ozzie at Supernova 2004

Ray Ozzie, founder and CEO of Groove Networks, delivered last week a compelling speechnote at Supernova, a unique event that brings together experts from the software, communications and media industries to discuss decentralization and pervasive connectivity.

Heath Row, from Fast Company, puts together highlights from Ray's speech.

This is real. This is not theoretical. Work is changing now. So what have we learned at the edge? One, design is the key to achieving value. A tool's value rises dramatically as does its fitness for purpose. Awareness-based swarming and ad hoc groups are real and valuable. Hybrid architectures are key in organizational contexts. Two, successful joint work feels simple and local. Real and compelling local need to work together is required. Individuals participate largely for selfish reasons. Trust, accountability, and privacy are required for participation.

And three, active resistance is a fact of life. Deal with it. Even though we're working at the edge, servers are centers of territorial power. Regulatory, compliance issues are real but are used as weapons. Embrace the regulatory stuff and have a plan to work through it. And increased transparency and accountability can be threatening to people who have built their careers on brokering information and keeping people from talking to each other.



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