Thursday, August 05, 2004

CASAHL easily connects Groove to enterprise systems

Among the number of challenges that IT organizations face today, up in the list we find supporting mobile users and cross-organizational teams. Enterprises find it increasingly difficult and expensive to connect the "disconnected"; on the other hand, employees, particularly those who spend a long time on the road (i.e. mobile/remote) and also external contractors, find it extremely cumbersome to easily tap in into their organization's ERP, CRM and other enterprise systems and databases.

Last week, Groove Networks, industry leader in collaboration software, and CASAHL, industry leader in data integration, announced an strategic partnership which will make a lot of people affected by the above-mentioned issues grin a big smile. CASAHL has developed a Groove "connector" to enable IT groups quickly and cost-effectively build and deploy secure, cross-organizational, online/offline and automatically synchronized "data transports" between existing enterprise systems and databases and Groove workspaces.

Casahl's Groove connectors will help IT organizations dramatically reduce development costs and deployment time-cycles since build work will only need to occur at the front-end and not at an infrastructure level. Using Groove 3.0 Forms, even non-developers will be able, with the help of a wizard, to synchronize a data field, say in an oracle database, with a field in a Groove form template.

Moving data to and from Groove and enterprise systems has been made easy now. Thanks to this Groovy middleware solution your organization could effortlessly and with a minimal cost, extend the secure cross-company collaborative capabilities of your existing systems (i.e. DB2, Oracle and SQL Server databases, Lotus Notes/Domino, Exchange public folders, Microsoft SharePoint and InfoPath).

Loads of ideas spring into mind...think of ways in which you could embed and automate workflow and business process properties between centralized systems and distributed apps such as Groove..or simply build your app to search, track, map and synchronize data among systems. Endless opportunities, start thinking about how the CASAHL eKnowledge Groove connector could super-charge your existing systems with its unique "always-on" security, firewall traversal, offline usage, bandwidth optimization and synchronization capabilities.



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