Friday, August 13, 2004

Search in Groove GFS

I've recently briefly talked about Blinkx, which is a great tool for desktop search (not so great for web search). Well, the great thing about this tool is that it facilitates conceptual search across local files in your desktop. But, what I'm really excited about is that, at last, I can now search full text across all files stored in Groove shared folders!! After a few tests, I can confirm that after firing up a search, Blinkx will suggest links to relevant files which are stored and synchronised through GFS folders. Further testing also reveals that Blinkx indexes the full text within files in GFS folders; that is, if I have a file, say a pdf, that mentions in a paragraph "RAD environment", Blinkx will pick it up. Brilliant!!

Blinkx in action

However, this cannot be achieved in Groove workspaces, simply because workspaces and the content within them are encrypted and unreadable to Blinkx or any other search engine. Hey, but being able to search across GFS folders is a blessing!

To all groovers out there, go and download Blinkx for free GFS search.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey! What do you mean, it's not good for web based search? I think it's bloody brilliant for that as well! It's pretty good fun to click on the blinkx icon bar while you're surfing the net and you are taken from one related link to the next, discovering stuff you had never imagined was there. Okay, they have only indexed 10% of the web so far, but it's early days and I think once that has been improved this is going to make all our lives so much easier - and more fun!
In the meantime, using it in Groove is pretty neat as well....

August 24, 2004 at 5:55 PM  
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