Friday, October 22, 2004

high business activity = Low blog activity

Some of you may be wondering about the small amount of updates during the last couple of months; the answer is very simple, i've been way too busy to post new stuff. During this period, I've fully immersed myself into the world of Autonomy; business mandates my friends, yet I'm still doing freelance Groove consultancy that keeps my knowledge on distributed online collaboration sharp and up-to-date. As a result, I envision this Blog progressively expanding into the area of unstructured information management (information retrieval/search, automatic classification, categorization & taxonomy generation, agents, profiles, , etc..). Nevertheless, this blog will maintain a true emphasis on Groove and online collaboration.

I will start writing about our current Autonomy projects in the Spanish and Latin-American markets as soon as I get some breathing time. These projects are fascinating! Promise.

In the meantime, my Bloglines site, where I subscribe to many RSS feeds in areas such as Groove, Other collaboration tools, Social Software, Information Retrieval and Search, Business & Innovation, starting to become unmanageable. I've got 2456 messages to read...I'm thinking about getting rid of some of the not-so-relevant, not-so-critical subscriptions.

Keep connected!

Monday, October 18, 2004

Strong Angel on...

Groove real-time multilingual chat tool

Strong Angel II (Second Part)

I've just run into another presentation or brief on The Strong Angel project I talked about in this blog (see entry SA2 Lessons on Wed August 4th). It just keeps amazing me how innovative these series of technological exercises got in the desert in Hawaii last July. Check out the photos of the real-time multilingual chat tool in Groove (see above). Also, mp3 audio files were shared and synchronised on Groove to support the translation of radio announcements between agencies and translation support groups in remote locations. And what about the real-time streaming video translator using Virage? For the ones that haven't seen Virage before, you should take a look at it. It uses a technology called Autonomy in the back end for automating processes such as information classification, retrieval, taxonomy generation and clustering and all of it, independent of language!! Thanks to Virage and Autonomy we can analyze in real-time the incoming information from hundreds of TV channels round the world (i.e. English, Arabic, Spanish, etc) and identify patterns and threats that require immediate action. Excellent scenario to showcase the capabilities of Groove, Autonomy and Virage in humanitarian aid coordination activities such as this experiment. Great job guys!!

If you want to see the full presentation, click here.


Real-time translation of audio and video using Virage and Autonomy

distributed Groove collaboration for interagency rapid assesment

Toucan Navigate: GPS integrated Groove tool