Sunday, February 06, 2005

Toucan Collaborate Groove tool for emergency response

Groove partners team up for emergency resolution

Nice work done by Information Patterns and CH2M HILL, Groove Partners, in the development of a tool to provide collaborative Geographic Information Systems (GIS) solutions for emergency response to municipal, state and federal agencies.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

virtual teamwork practices

I've just come across yet another article about how to make distributed teams work effectively. You will certainly come across and read about the following tips many more times in the future, but belive me, these practices are easily said but very hardly done! It's all common sense, but after all, not so common!

1) Set clear objectives and communicate the objectives to the entire team
2) Agree on a set of group norms in a facilitated session.
3) Be patient with people who don't speak English.
4) Communicate much more frequently to a virtual team than to a co-located team.
5) Do fun things that help the team learn about each other.
6) Plan developmental activities.
7) Relationships are so important that scheduling a one-on-one conversation
with each team member once per week is important.

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